“Super Abrasives — Selected for Performance”

National Research Company offers natural diamond, synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride, PCD, TSP and CVD products to the super abrasives industry.

During our tenure, we have been exposed to about every type and phase of diamond usage. Our experience factor is one of the main ingredients in the quality of our products. National Research Company continually monitors the market for new diamond usage and requirements. Our main goal is to provide consistency in our products. Our testing procedures and quality parameters guarantee the consistency of our products and at the same time, we are always available to discuss new applications and requirements.

Our services

National Research Company offers a host of services including diamond recovery and diamond classification, as well as diamond conditioning and polishing. We also provide generic testing and identification of diamond types. In short, National Research Company is a full service, one stop shop for all of your superabrasive needs

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Sort and classify

Sort and classify superabrasive by size, shape, magnetic susceptibility, impact resistance

Blend superabrasives

Custom blend superabrasives to meet the specific customer needs and requirements.

Recover superabrasives

Recover superabrasives from used drill bits, saw blade segments, rotary dressers, and single point tools.

Our partners

National Research Company partners with a number of trade associations to help further the industrial diamond industry.