About Our Company

National Research Company – Over 60 years of providing products and services to the super abrasives industry.

Founded in 1950, National Research Company began in the formative years of the super abrasives industry. Having previous experience with both the development of natural diamond as an industrial abrasive, as well as, the tungsten carbine tool industry; the company first concentrated on supplying natural diamond for various industrial products. Along with this focus, there was a growing expertise in developing the technology to recycle diamond generated by the grinding of tungsten tooling.

Throughout the early years, the demand quickly exceeded supply and the recycling technology developed by National Research Company provided diamonds for the marketplace, as well as, a compliment of cost savings for both the diamond product manufacturers and consumers. With years of exposure to both sides of the industry, National Research Company formulated a basic philosophy which the company has followed since its inception: Provide the product manufacturers with a super abrasive which offers consistency in performance.

“Super Abrasives — Selected for Performance”

The Products section illustrates this philosophy by offering application recommendations for the variety of super abrasives offered. The Services section illustrates the many technical services offered by National Research Company, which are all used in the qualification of the super abrasives which National Research Company offers. Finally, the Technical Data sections offers a resource to clients on a variety of technical questions and data conversions.

About Our Products

National Research Company continually monitors the market for new diamond usage and requirements. Our main goal is to provide consistency in our products. Our testing procedures and quality parameters guarantee the consistency of our products and, at the same time, we are always available to discuss new demands and material requirements.

About Our Services

National Research Company offers a host of services including diamond recovery and diamond classification, as well as, diamond conditioning and polishing. We also provide generic testing and identification of diamond types. We have been providing our services for over five decades.

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