It is well known, the production of any metal bonded diamond product is dependent upon two ingredients; (1) the superabrasive chosen for the particular application and (2) the matrix powders which are used to sustain the life of the product.

The importance of the matrix powders cannot be over emphasized, not only are these powders responsible for the retention of the superabrasive and life of the product, but at the same time, and of vital importance, the matrix powders are responsible for the dimensional stability of the product.

Many times, the matrix powders chosen or the hardness of these powders cannot provide the dimensional stability required when they are in contact with various materials, to name just of few, Mississippi Chert, Houston Flint Rock, Pennsylvania Blue Stone or any other aggregates containing magnesium silicate, quartz or mica.

The gang material produced in the various drilling or sawing operations are extremely abrasive and can cause loss of gauge, chamfering and under cutting. Also, grinding wheels experience the same problem when encountering zirconium and other abrasive ceramics.

Matrix Plus™ is a Molybdenum Bonded Superabrasive which was developed to prevent the loss of dimension tolerance in metal bonded diamond products.

Test results have indicated, in the case of mining bits, gauge protection was increased resulting in a 20% increase in bit life and in the case of sawing bridge decking no undercutting or chamfering of the segments were noted after 48 hours of sawing through both heavy aggregate and rebar. Another case where Matrix Plus™ was used was in the sawing of Houston Flint Rock where the blade life increased 100%. Also, to be noted was the improvement in wheel life both in fluting wheels and Blanchard segments.

The obvious question is how should Matrix Plus™ be used?

Simply, replace ¼ to 1% of the matrix powder with Matrix Plus™. Density or specific gravity of Matrix Plus™ is approximately 3.56 – 3.57 (almost the same as diamond) which will have no affect on your bond mixes. Blend Matrix Plus™ with your powders is all that is required.

Matrix Plus™ comes in two (2) grades and three (3) sizes:

Grades, Properties and Size Availability

MP G-1

(Matrix Plus™, Grade 1)


Density:  3.57 – 3.60 gm/cc

 Bonded Metal:   Micro, Molybdenum

 Impact Resistance:  High

 Description:  Full to slightly open crystal; gray – gray black in color

 Size Availability: 

Coarse: 180 micron – 300 micron
Medium: 90 micron – 160 micron
Fine: 45 micron – 85 micron

MP G-2

(Matrix Plus™, Grade 2)


Density:       3.57 – 3.60 gm/cc

Bonded Metal:     Micro, Molybdenum

Impact Resistance:  Moderate

Description:  Blocky to blocky irregular crystal; gray – gray black in color.

 Size Availability:  

Coarse: 180 micron – 300 micron
Medium: 90 micron – 160 micron
Fine: 45 micron – 85 micron



Matrix Plus is an exclusive product of National Research Company.  Application information can be obtained from any of the representatives listed.

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