MolyBond™ Diamonds and Cubic Boron Nitride

National Research Company’s MBD®, MBD-S® diamonds and MBC®, MBC-S® cubic boron nitride.

Molybond™ is a surface treatment for superabrasives developed and distributed by National Research Company. Molybond™ is now available for natural and synthetic diamond, as well as, cubic boron nitride.

Molybond™ is not a coating as defined in today’s market technology, but rather a unique system of material which has an interface relationship with the superabrasive and an outer bonded system of Molybdenum. The final product has excellent properties in wetting matrix systems used in both vitrified and metal bond systems, as well as, exhibiting excellent heat resistance characteristics.

Molybond™ can be applied to all types of natural drill for oil patch or mining bits, natural grit (through 400 mesh), synthetic metal bond type diamond (through 400 mesh) and amber cubic boron nitride (through 400 mesh). All materials are sized to either Christensen Standards or ASTM-E-11 Standards, whichever sizing standard applies.

Molybonded™ superabrasives can produce dramatic performance improvements. For example, saw blades using SMB-MBD® diamonds have shown improvements in blade life by 300% or more. Other customers have demonstrated a 25% increase in cutting speed (while achieving only a small reduction in blade life.

MolyBonded™ superabrasives are redefining the performance of premium tools. For a further technical discussion and more performance results, look to the pages below.

Testing Results

Detailed Description

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