National Research Company offers a host of services including diamond recovery and diamond classification, as well as diamond conditioning and polishing. We also provide generic testing and identification of diamond types. In short, National Research Company is a full service, one stop shop for all of your superabrasive needs. Specifically, National Research Company can:

Sort and classify superabrasive by size, shape, magnetic susceptibility, impact resistance
Custom blend superabrasives to meet specific customer needs and requirements
Provide MolyBonded™ coating services for your abrasives
Customizable Matrix Plus™ for highly superior metal bond shape retention
Characterize superabrasive according to size, shape, impact resistance
Provide application and technical assistance and recommendations for improving the performance and quality of your process and products
Recover superabrasives from used drill bits, saw blade segments, rotary dressers, and single point tools.
Provide full characterization services

Many customers rely upon us to provide custom mixes of particle sizes and strengths for a particular application or product. By custom blending, we are able to leverage our experience in the sawing, grinding, and drilling industries to provide a combination of abrasives that simultaneously address the requirements of fast cutting, tool life, and minimum cost. We maintain a large inventory of diamond and cubic boron nitride, reducing the warehousing and inventory needs of our customers.

We are able to sort and classify superabrasives to the tightest standards in the industry. Perhaps it is not surprising that several superabrasive manufacturers are also our customers, to whom we provide a range of services.

National Research Company has been providing the above services for over six decades.

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